Broward Health: Deeper Into The Federal Investigation

31 May

The federal investigation into doctors contracts at the North Broward Hospital District — aka Broward Health — has been a long time coming.

The investigation by the Department of Health and Human Services is looking into whether America’s sixth largest public health system has violated federal Stark laws, or anti-kickback statutes.

Those laws are in place to guard against health agencies hiring doctors at inflated rates in order to reap excessive profits from those doctors’ referrals. The law effectively aims to keep competition alive and guard against excessive and unnecessary treatments.

The evidence against the district — which collects $200 million from the property tax rolls — has been mounting. As my former colleague Thomas Francis reported in 2009, NBHD’s former general counsel, Marc Goldstone, wrote a memo to board members saying the district would be hard-pressed to defend itself against allegations that it was violating the Stark law.

Another strike against the district — it has for a long time blatantly overpaid many of its favored doctors. Long-time NBHD critic John De Groot, who investigated the agency while he worked with the Florida Attorney General’s Office, has determined that the district loses an average of $413,000 on each doctor contract, a loss of about $20 million a year. Of course, they can afford to do that what with all those free tax dollars and all.

Why would a health system created to treat indigent patients that fall through the cracks be trying to take over the health care market? That may be the biggest problem of all. Broward Health wants to be an empire. It wants to take over the market and, unlike private and non-profit facilities, it has hundreds of millions of tax dollars to help it achieve that. With five hospitals under its banner, including flagship Broward General, it’s a market monster — and indigent patients have become a footnote.

More on this as it comes in. Here’s the list of doctors the feds have subpoenaed NBHD for contracts and other information:

Julian Berman, Arnoux Blanchard, William Burke, George Caldwell, Dominic Carreira, Michael Chizner, Yira De La Paz, Carl Gill, Kevin Kessler, Sein Lwin, Archana Maini, John McAuliffe, Violet Atanasoski-McCormick, Matthew Moretti D.O., Monisola Oni, Randell Powell, Amy Relkin, Hector Rodriguez-Cortes, Rudolph Roskos, John Rozanski, Ashok Sharma, Amos Stoll, Neil Tucker, Israel Wiznitzker, Erol Yoldas, Shazia Zafar, North Broward Othopedic Associates.


36 Responses to “Broward Health: Deeper Into The Federal Investigation”

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  2. Snot Rothstein May 31, 2011 at 9:53 am #

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  3. Steve-O May 31, 2011 at 10:27 am #

    You can thank Rick Scott for getting the ball rolling on this.

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  11. Gospill singer June 3, 2011 at 12:36 pm #

    The district passed a binding motion in late 2007 to investigate “physician contracts” for any Stark issues to insure compliance going back and moving forward. Compliance Officer Spencer Levine recommended and the Board hired the law firm of Akerman Seifert.

    After Nask took over as CEO he claimed the Akerman firm was not up to the task and hired Linda Baumann, Esq., JD of the firm Arent Fox LLP to take over.

    In 2009, more then two years having past since the board approved the investigation and with no report in hand, the Board asked Nask for an update. Nask scheduled a meeting between management, auditing, and Baumann.

    After that meeting The Board was told by management “Baumann was working on the report” and would get the report to them as soon as it was finished.

    What the Board did not know was that Nask stopped the inquiry in to physician contracts at that meeting, without the consent of the Board. To this day the 2007 Board motion ordering the investigation of Stark issues related to physician contracts has never been officialy presented to the Board, and probably has never been completed.

    What is amazing is that a seven member Board with oversight responsibility can not keep track of even one approved motion, even though the Chair and two other members were present and voted for the motion four years ago. I guess they don’t take their responsibilities seriously, or maybe they are a bit to cozy with management.

    And I guess the Auditor has better things to worry about then the ultimate survival of the NBHD. If she had knowledge of the physician contract investigation being halted and did not report that information back to the Board she is a direct report to, that would be troublesome at the very least.

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